Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Russian Dwarves invade Hasslefree Miniatures

I'm delighted to announce that i've agreed the sale of the Dwarves Project (including the Angry Tree and Tank) to Hasslefree Miniatures.  I've enjoyed watching the project grow, and will continue to build my own personal force of Dwarves, but I'm aware that many gamers have shown an interest in getting hold of some as well.  For me, this has always been a personal project and wargaming is my stress-relief from a busy job.  I don't want my hobby to turn into another form of stress, and so took the decision to sell the greens with full production rights to Hasslefree.  I've know Kev and Sally for many years, and am sure that the Dwarves are in safe hands.  Kev already has a growing force of WW1-themed halflings (The Kindred) and I hope this is the start of a exciting new chapter for this quirky "period".

I'd like to thank everyone that has shown interest in this project and hope you will continue to enjoy the Dwarves and other WW1-themed races - don't forget also that Mike at Black Hat miniatures also has a WW1-themed force of goblins.  As a small thank you from me, i've added the fast-play rules that I used at Salute this year to my blog - just click on the icon on the righthand side of this page to access them.

My own energy will now be directed at an exciting new project, of which more shortly....

Best Regards