Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Russian Dwarves invade Hasslefree Miniatures

I'm delighted to announce that i've agreed the sale of the Dwarves Project (including the Angry Tree and Tank) to Hasslefree Miniatures.  I've enjoyed watching the project grow, and will continue to build my own personal force of Dwarves, but I'm aware that many gamers have shown an interest in getting hold of some as well.  For me, this has always been a personal project and wargaming is my stress-relief from a busy job.  I don't want my hobby to turn into another form of stress, and so took the decision to sell the greens with full production rights to Hasslefree.  I've know Kev and Sally for many years, and am sure that the Dwarves are in safe hands.  Kev already has a growing force of WW1-themed halflings (The Kindred) and I hope this is the start of a exciting new chapter for this quirky "period".

I'd like to thank everyone that has shown interest in this project and hope you will continue to enjoy the Dwarves and other WW1-themed races - don't forget also that Mike at Black Hat miniatures also has a WW1-themed force of goblins.  As a small thank you from me, i've added the fast-play rules that I used at Salute this year to my blog - just click on the icon on the righthand side of this page to access them.

My own energy will now be directed at an exciting new project, of which more shortly....

Best Regards


Thursday, 29 December 2011

World War One Fantasy - My Plans

I intend to produce a rounded force, with different troop types, before moving onto the next army. The first Army I'm working on, is Russian WW1-themed Dwarves, sculpted by Bob Olley. I'm delighted that Bob has agreed to work on this project, as he is renowned for his fantasy sculpts over many years. Once the Dwarf Army is "finished", I have plans for additional forces, including possibly an Ottoman Turkish Undead Army. These figures are designed to complement the WW1 Fantasy figures produced by Hasslefree (British-themed Kindred, or Halflings), and by Goblin Garrison (German-themed Goblins) - size comparison photos at the top left of this page.

If you like what you see, please contact me on my email address (on the right hand side of this page), and I can let you know if I have any spares available, and how to get hold of some.

I also aim to produce a set of rules, which will be easy to play, and FREE to download - these will be available shortly after Salute 2012,as I plan to use them for a game i'm staging at the UK's Largest Wargames Show.

I hope you like the figures that have been produced todate - the first bunch consists of a rifle squad of ten figures advancing, including an officers, NCO, and a LMG. The second bunch of figures i've produced consists of five specialists - a engineer, sniper, flamethrower, grneadier, and medic/runner. All figures are designed with a simple cup joint between their shoulders, and the head separate - this is to allow for maximum variation of headgear. Needless to say, some heads will suit some figures better, but I wanted to make to give the option for conversions, with as little effort as possible. I also have some additional head sprues planned, which will give additional options. Three of the figures in the rifle squad also have a separate hand/rifle to allow for variation of pose/ease of conversion.

The next bunch of figures is already in the planning stages, and will include Dwarf cossacks mounted on ponies.

Finally, please note, that this is strictly my hobby, not a business. I don't intend to make any profit from this project, and all proceeds, after the costs of making them is deducted, will be reinvested back into making more figures for the range. I will attempt to answer any requests for figures, or questions about the rules (once they are published) in a timely fashion - like I say though, this is purely my hobby, so please be patient.